Sun Opposite Lilith Synastry

The mighty Sun is charismatic, bursting with vitality, and exudes raw energy. The Sun accompanies the star of every zodiac sign and can be called the star with the largest mass in the Universe.
Sun conjunct North Node synastry
A true Sun is admired for his energy, attitude, and sense of true self-identity. Lilith is an asteroid known as one of the stars of the underworld and guardian of the gates of hell. In astrology, Lilith is very emotional, demonic, and religious to an extreme, passionate, and has his or her own unique cosmic signature, which befits a more complex and vivid personality.

Lilith symbolizes sexuality, femininity, mysticism, divine knowledge, religion, language, and philosophy.

Basically, Crow Astrology opposite Lilith is known as evil or bad. It is good to understand the opposite sex’ thoughts before dealing with your partner at a deeper level.

The significant aspect of Lilith and the Sun brings the couple indescribable sharp mood swings and conflicts due to Lilith’s fiery temper. For a successful, harmonious relationship, it is important to respect each other’s aspirations and personalities.